Skylight Replacement Cost

Skylight Replacement CostDon’t let a leaky skylight rain on your parade. A skylight or solar tube installed in your home allows natural sunlight where a conventional window isn’t an option. Like that bathroom you have in the middle of your home. Unfortunately, old and aging windows can let in more than just light. If you are using those pots and pans from the kitchen to catch the drip under your skylight, here’s what you should know about Skylight Replacement Cost.

Under Warranty?

Review your warranty first before considering a skylight repair and replacement. Warranties can often be in effect for 10 to 20 years. Take note that an unauthorized repair can void any coverage that you have.

At Circle City Skylights, we install VELUX 5-star rating skylights.


For a period of 10 years, VELUX warrants that their roof windows, skylights, sun tunnels and flashing will be free from defects in material and workmanship. If a VELUX product is found to be defective during this time period, VELUX will, at its option: 1) provide a replacement component or a replacement roof window, skylight or flashing product or 2) repair the roof window, skylight or flashing without charge for material or labor.

For a period of 20 years, VELUX warrants that the insulating glass unit will not develop a material obstruction of vision due to a failure of the glass seal. If a seal failure is brought to the attention of VELUX during this time period, VELUX will, at its option: 1) provide a replacement pane or 2) provide a replacement roof window or skylight product with an insulated unit.


5 & 10 YEARS
For a period of 5 years, Circle City Skylights warranties the labor on VELUX  Sun Tunnels and 10 years on the new “No Leak” Skylights. The labor will be completed in a timely and workman-like manner, and in accordance to all relevant and applicable laws and regulations. Circle City Skylights’ responsibility for correcting labor defects will extend for 5 or 10 years beyond the installation date.

Common Skylight Issues

Skylight Replacement CostOne of the most common problems with any skylight or sun tunnel is leaking.

The two most common failures that result in leaks of a skylight that will cost you are:

  • Improper skylight installation
  •  Worn glass seals. Look for leaking from the bottom corners of the skylight. Replacing the glazing unit will cost around $300 to $400 with materials and labor that will effect the Skylight Replacement Cost.

Skylight Replacement Cost Varies Based on Skylight Size

So many homeowners dream of big open windows that let in all the natural light because of the beauty and mood boost it provides a home. However, even though our society says, “The bigger the better,” a bigger skylight is going to cost more. Replacing a standard skylight is going to be the most budget friendly.

A special order or custom size skylight is going to cost at least 25% more and will take around 2-4 weeks to deliver. This doesn’t include the additional shipping cost that you will have to pay.

Not only does a large Skylight Replacement Cost more, it is also more difficult and time consuming for an installer. Therefore, expect your labor charges to cost more as well. An installer will need to come in and cut and reinforce the rafters and joists, as well as add more materials to their list. Extra labor can often times cost 50% more.

So Now What?

We’ve got all the options you need to bring new extra light into your home without breaking the bank. Our Skylight Replacement Cost are unrivaled and can fit into your budget.

You can also view a list a the VELUX skylights to get an estimate of Skylight Replacement Cost. If you’d like to explore all that Circle City Skylight has to offer, feel free to reach out to us at 317-501-1457 or you can view our gallery here. We look forward to talking with you soon!