Old Skylight Replacement Noblesville

Signs It’s Time for a Skylight Replacement

Old Skylight Replacement NoblesvilleWhether there is a fault in the beauty or functionality of your skylight, any issue with your skylight can have an impact on the way you enjoy natural light in your home. This can in turn impact the quality of your life. Much like anything else in your life, wear and tear is expected and eventual replacement is inevitable. Here at Circle City we specialize in Old Skylight Replacement Noblesville and here are a few signs we recommend you look out for to determine whether or not it’s time for a skylight replacement.

Transfer of Heat

The older your skylight gets, the less and less energy efficient it becomes. The reasoning for this is because the older and outdated design of these skylights. Cooling and heating account for nearly 40-50% of your household energy bill. Leaks in your old skylight could actually be costing you money.

Tip:Hold the back of your hand (the back is more sensitive to temperature) to the edges of the glass that is your skylight. If you feel heat being transferred, it may be time to give us a call.

Water Leaks

Old Skylight Replacement NoblesvilleWhen the weather transitions between cold to warm and even back to cold, hello Indiana, the skylight materials will expand and shrink accordingly. The movement of the material can be a contributor to leaks in the skylight itself. It doesn’t matter if your traditional skylights have the most detail flashing or best insulation, they are still prone to leakage. Look for dripping or pooling water near or around your skylight if it’s raining and if it’s not, look for discoloration or bulging of the drywall surrounding the skylight itself. If your skylight is leaking, promptly give us a call at Circle City for an Old Skylight Replacement Noblesville. 

Tip: Try our Fixed Skylight.  They are a skylight that provide plenty of sunlight but do not open. Redesigned to feature the 10 year “No Leak” warranty.


As you may know, your skylight is exposed to all sorts of weather and extreme weather conditions. Not only weather, but debris and things such as tree branches could fall and effect the condition of your skylight. This sort of thing causes cracks in your skylight. Older skylights are made out of plastic and acrylic and are a vulnerable material, especially as they age. Just like blemishes or bacteria on the skin, your skylights may also be suffering from damage not see with the naked eye or without the help of a professional.

A good example of a replacement for cracks would be the sun tunnels we offer at Circle City. It is a low cost way of bringing sunlight into your dark space. They come in 10, 14 and 22″ diameter tunnels. High pitched sun tunnels  are great for installations where the roof is not facing directly south. Low profile sun tunnels are perfect for south facing roof slopes. The new “flat lense” sun tunnel is ideal for houses that must maintain certain H.O.A. building requirements or rules.

Tip: Have your skylight routinely inspected by a Circle City professional to ensure your skylight is in appropriate condition and working efficiently. 

So is it time for an Old Skylight Replacement Noblesville?

Old Skylight Replacement NoblesvilleThe best way to decide is to determine your skylight needs. Do you want a skylight that opens to the outside or remains shut? What type of budget are you working with? Are you interested in receiving tax benefits from your choice of skylight?

If you would like some assistance in finding the best skylight for your home, feel free to contact our team at Circle City Skylights. We can be reached by phone at 317-501-1457 or through the contact form on this site.