New Skylight Installation Lebanon

If you’ve been on the fence, or are looking, for the best New Skylight Installation Lebanon, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Circle City Skylight, we’ve been providing new superior-quality skylights and customer service for more than 15 years.

New Skylight Installation LebanonThe last decade and a half in the business has equipped us with the chance to build a solid reputation for providing exemplary skylight installation services in Lebanon.

We are the only 5-Star VELUX dealer and installer in central Indiana, so you know we are only working with top-knotch skylight experts. Our highly trained technicians pride themselves on offering a wide range of new services and solutions completed to a very high standard.

New Skylight Installation Lebanon : Not Just All for Looks

Here are a few benefits to your future new skylight:

Light During the Daytime

The light entering through the skylight balances the light coming through the windows in the room. This prevents glares from happening on the television in the room or any other object of concentration in the room.

The natural light beaming into the room through the skylight will make the space appear larger than it is in real life. It will open up the ceilings causing you to feel like there is more room surrounding you. Increased amounts of daylight has a positive effect on people. Things like increasing mood and creating a well-lit soothing atmosphere. A new skylight installation is not all just for looks.

Skylight Ventilation

New skylights work as a chimney or passive air conditioner/vacuum. This natural ventilation system draws the warm air up and our of the home during the warmer months. Hot air needs to escape to the cool and since the hot air resides around the top of the home, it must have somewhere to go. Instead of continuing to replenish the cool air through your air conditioner, it is much more cost effective to install a skylight, giving that hot air a place to escape. This will give your room a chance to regulate itself. This reduces your cooling bills in the summer. This is just another one of the amazing reasons we recommend our skylight installation service.

Add Natural Light Without Sacrificing Privacy

If you need to add new light to a room in your home, you do have a few options. You could just purchase more lamps, but that does nothing to add natural light to the space.

If it’s natural light you’re after, you could always add a window or two. But one of the biggest issues with adding more windows is that you’re sacrificing a bit of your privacy in order to gain light.

With New Skylight Installation Lebanon, you get the best of both worlds – you get the enjoy streams of new natural light coming into the room without worrying about your neighbors and other passers by being able to see in.

Some skylight installation companies only offer you a few choices. Not so with VELUX and Circle City Skylights – you have a wide range of new options to choose from for installation.

Are you wanting a new solar-powered skylight that closes on its own when it senses rain? We’ve got that! Or are you looking for a simple and inexpensive new way to bring light into your half bath, like with a sun tunnel? We can provide that, too!

We’ve got all the options you need to bring new extra light into your Lebanon home without breaking the bank. If you’d like to explore all that Circle City Skylight has to offer, feel free to reach out to us at 317-501-1457.  You can also check out our gallery here. We look forward to talking with you soon!